dinsdag 7 februari 2017

6597 - 20170319 - Contretype - Brussel - Chantal Vey - 25.01.2017-19.03.2017


The title Over Hill and Dale evokes return journeys, interspaces, passings-through, etc. which are at the heart of my research.

The road has always been synonymous with freedom, but also with anguish and worry linked with going away, distancing yourself and separation, but nothing can be done, life’s like that, linked to my story. (1)
Indeed, this concept of the road has provided the structure for all of my work, my questionings of wandering, belonging to a territory, displacement, movement, passing through, impermanence, presence and absence, etc.

This exhibition reveals my latest explorings along the roads which led me on from the Belgian border, following 1,400km of frontiers until I reached “the long road of sand” running along the Italian coastline described by Pier Paolo Pasolini in 1959.
Like extracts from my travel diaries, the diverse shapes of images and tales that I present to you here are to be read and looked at as a group, where each fragment is a part of a bigger whole, an intimate thought, whose proximity allows it to become familiar and allows each person to appropriate it for themselves.

Chantal V.
Translation: Chris Bourne
(1) extract from my travel diary «contro-corrente #1», page 9.
Cité Fontainas  4a
1060 Brussel
Opening hours
Wednesday upuntil Friday  12h - 18h
Saturday & Sunday  13 h - 18h

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