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6626 - 20170325 - Bastien Art Gallery - Brussel - Kranklin & Rassenfosse - 08.02.2017-25.03.2017

Franklin - 1965
My work draws heavily on Literature, spirituality ( 'déja vu' perceptions and intuitions ) hallucinative illusion which I try to translate in different forms with intricate detail, jewel like and textile-like patterns and shadow shaped dreamy like figures. Other sources of inspiration are , old lore, fairy tales, poetry, novels, fever conditions, unconsciousness, and clinical coma.
I experience long hours of solitude to accomplish each one of these drawings which can take up between 2 months to one year to complete.But this is one of my technics, of course I got others. Some other technics permits me to take up between, only, 2 days to two weeks to complete , depending if Im illustrating a book with a dead line or if Im working on completely different project for 2 years or more.
Armand Rassenfosse - 1862-1934
Born in Liège (Eastern Belgium) Armand Rassenfosse a mostly self-made man succeeded early in the XXth century as a young artist to earn a prominent position in the artistic circles of Paris during the period of the “Belle Epoque”. His technical virtuosity became greatly appreciated, especially by a at that time very sympathetic public. His personal perception of the woman , so much different from that of his master and friend, Félicien Rops, also contributed much to his success.
The Parisians and more in particular the editors in the French capital were in this respect the greatest supporters of his talent.. He is not seen as a figure caught in the midst of the artistic conflicts  of the nineteenth century, but he is mainly regarded as an original artist, the illustration of the birth of the Art Déco. He has his own place right next to Marcel Wolfers.  His paintings, his pastels, drawings and engravings bear witness to his taste for a form as severe and as varied as his special attention for mankind which marks him out in an age when doctrinarian  and cold formalism very often prevails.

Een eeuw scheidt hen, maar het is een soortgelijke poëzie die hun werk beïnvloedt.
Armand Rassenfosse, subtiele Luikse schilder van het begin van de vorige eeuw, werkte zijn hele leven aan een evocatie met eerbied voor de vrouw en de samenleving van zijn tijd.
Franklin, gevoelig en vertederend kunstenaar, neemt ons mee in zijn dichte en complexe wereld door nauwgezette composities in inkt.

Door aan Franklin voor te stellen om zich in de wereld van Rassenfosse te storten, hadden we er geen idee van hoe hun twee werelden zich perfect met elkaar zouden vermengen. Zijn herhaling van de typische thema‘s van Rassenfosse (elegant, hiercheuses, doordacht...) werpt een nieuw licht op de modernitiet van deze "pijler“ van onze collecties.

Bastien Art nodigt u uit om deze zachte alchemie te ontdekken, uw zintuigen te laten ontwaken en uw hart te verwarmen voor het einde van de winter !

Bastien Art Gallery

Rue de la Madeleine 61
1000 Brussel

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Tuesday up until Saturday 11h - 18h30
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